The SUP Instructor Programme at Flatwater

Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India
2 Days
Paddle Boarding


Two-Day Programme

Skilled Paddlers | +18 years

One of the watersports that is expanding the quickest in the globe is stand-up paddleboarding, especially in the Indian subcontinent. This expert training aids in the development of ISA Flat Water SUP Instructors, who are qualified to instruct SUP in flat water situations safely.

Course materials, all safety gear and training equipment used throughout the course, instructor and examiner fees

Minimum 18 years old, Basic Surf Fitness (Run-Swim-Run test), Experience with Logged SUPs, Active Aquatic Rescue Certificate (ILS) or an ISA/ILS Water Safety Certificate are the requirements.

Theory + Practice for Evaluation 

Timing of Course: 0900–1600 hrs.

Course language is English, with the option to translate into Tamil, Hindi, or Gujarati as needed.

ISA (International Surfing Association) certification

Certification Validity: One year, with the option to renew online for as long as your ILS Water Safety or ILS Lifeguard certification is still valid after that.


Instructor Program Ticket


Instructor Program Ticket

What is included

Safety Gears

Safety Gears during training



What is not included

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