SUP Coastal Explorer

Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India
5 Hours
Paddle Boarding


Day Trip with Stand-Up Paddleboards

Fit for Paddlers with Intermediate to Advanced Skills | Ages 16 and Up

Paddle around the stunning Palkbay with our knowledgeable guide. An entirely immersive and engaging experience that offers chances to witness the variety of life and biodiversity found along the coast.

Included are a day trip led by an expert guide, instruction in fundamental skills, equipment rentals, and restrooms.

Minimum 16 years old, prior SUP experience, rudimentary mobility and fitness, and

Travel time: 0700–1200 hours

Reporting Location: Main Office of Boarding Breezes Sports Academy

Summer (April to September) is the best season.


Coast Exploration Ticket


Coast Exploration Ticket

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