Paddleboarder's Dream

Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India
4 Days
Paddle Boarding


Four-Day Programme

Your Transition from Novice to Self-Reliant

Three levels plus one in one camp! Over the course of four days, all skill levels are covered in this stand-up paddle bootcamp. Ideal for those who are willing to work hard and acquire all the abilities required to progress from a novice to an autonomous paddler. 

The package includes four days of instruction in stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) from an experienced teacher. It also includes equipment rental for the duration of the course, a 10-kilometer coastal SUP excursion that culminates in a SUP Level 3 Certification, and shower facilities.

Requirements include being at least 10 years old, being able to swim 200 metres with a personal flotation device OR 100 metres without assistance, and having a basic level of fitness, mobility, and medical health.

Course Timing: 10:00 Am


Course Language: English 

Best Season: All year round


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4 Day Bootcamp Ticket

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